Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:


AND ACCEPT THESE TERMS. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use this application


Sell Free is an application that helps you access to professionals in various fields and service is provided to you according to the terms of use of the following: For the purpose of these conditions and where the context requires, the terms "you" should mean any person using the application or service in any way Including people browsing the app and its contents, posting comments and using the Service, you agree to be bound by these terms. In addition, if you use part of the Service, you agree to be bound by any published guidelines applicable to this Service, which may be changed or updated from time to time according to Sell Free’s choice. You understand and agree to take exclusive responsibility for the review of these Terms from time to time. If you object to any of these terms or conditions, or any subsequent guidance or changes, or become displeased with any difference or service in any way, your sole option is to immediately discontinue the use of Sell Free. These Terms may be updated by Sell Free at any time in accordance with their discretion.

Service Description and Content Policy

Sell Free is a mean of easy access to the professionals, companies, freelancers or who post ads, we work as an application that connects the user to the person posting the ads and therefore you are fully aware that Sell Free of difference does not enter any form in the process between you and the specialist and we are not responsible for the advertiser and end user, So you acknowledge that we are NOT responsible for the advertiser, service provider or job seeker under the terms described.

The behavior

You agree not to post inappropriate comments, sexual content as such as any verbal abuse, and not making any advertisements in the Program through comments.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Sell Free and its employees from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, debts and expenses ( including, but not limited to, attorney fees ) arising from :   

  1. Use or access to the Application and/or the Service, 
  2. Your violation of any of the provisions of these Terms, 
  3. Your violation of any third party's right including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other proprietary and privacy rights, 
  4. Any claim to your content to cause harm to others. The obligation to defend and indemnify shall remain in effect after modification or termination of these Terms and your use of the Service and Application

Service limits and termination

You acknowledge and agree that Sell Free may limit the use of the Service from time to time, including but not limited to the maximum number of days that comments will be retained

Disclaimer of warranties

You acknowledge and agree an explicit recognition that the use of the application and the service will be fully approved and that it is your responsibility and services that are offered "as is" or "on the basis of availability" be without guarantees of any kind. There is no express responsibility for all express and implied warranties


These terms and any rights or licenses granted by you may not be transferred or waived by you but may be waived by Sell Free without limitation. Any waiver or transfer of these terms by you is considered null and void.

User's Profile:


User have the ability to upload cover images in his profile under the terms and conditions in legal manner that does not violates these terms and conditions.


User should not use the cover images in his profile to advertise on Sell Free, cover images are for personal use or represent the company's profile. 


YouTube video that embedded in the user's profile should comply to the terms and conditions and should represent the user or the company's profile only and not for showing ads. 


Removing Violating Ads and Comments, and Ad Expiry. 


  • Ads will be automatically removed from the app after the time period set by Sell Free.
  • Non-complying ads will be removed without notifying or compensating the user. The administration has the right to prohibit the non-complying and abusive user from refunding any remaining balance.
  • Once an ad is cancelled, you cannot see it online on app anymore. 
  • Sell Free has the right to block and delete any user who places a non-complying ad, or add offensive comments to others through private messages or through (live chat). The administration has the right to block the non-complying user from using the app, temporarily or permanently.




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